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I was 8 years old in 1963 when my dad's deer hunting buddy who had just become a Ski-Doo dealer, brought 2 new 1964 Ski-Doo's up to the hunting shack to use dragging deer out of the swamp. From that point on, all I could think about was snowmobiles.  My Dad bought a new 1965 Ski-Doo in the fall of 1964, and I couldn't wait to get home from school so I could drive it around and around in our back yard.

My Dad became a Ski-Doo dealer in the summer of 1965 and in the fall we began receiving the new 1966 model Ski-Doo's at the dealership.

Getting through a day of school seemed like an eternity until it ended and I could take the city bus as far as it would go and walk the remaining mile or so to the dealership just to be around the snowmobiles. I would buy and study every snowmobile magazine that came out, and it was nothing for me to walk 4 or 5 miles just get a look at some new snowmobile model that I had heard about in town.

By this time, my life revolved around snowmobiles, how they worked, how I could make them better and faster, and I began studying everything I could about engines and how they functioned. I started modifying my own engines to try and have the fastest sled around.

I desperately wanted to race against other fellow riders, and somehow always managed to talk my dad into letting me use the latest hot model for that winter.

By 1971 I had modified so many engines, and tried so many ideas on my own sleds that I could do it in my sleep.

In the fall of 1971, I got my first factory built race sled. A 1972 340 3 cylinder Ski-Doo Blizzard. I had just gotten my drivers license and couldn't wait to head out on the weekends to race at any of the sanctioned events I could get to.

I raced two sleds in the winter of 1972~1973, and in March of that year, I won the world series of snowmobile racing in Malone N.Y. for the stock 340 class. But I was disqualified for modifying a stock engine.  My Dad was not very happy with me and yelled "dammit, can't you leave anything alone?"

I continued to race in the following years, but knew I wanted to try and make a living in the snowmobile industry, then in the fall of 1975, my old buddy Brian Espeseth called to say there was a job opening in the engineering dept. at Arctic Cat where he was working. I called and asked for an interview, jumped in my car and drove up to Thief River in hopes of getting the job. I was fortunate to be offered the position, and accepted immediately.  I began working there in the late fall of 1975 and thought I had everything I wanted. Until one Evening a few months later, I got a call from another old friend, Lee Russell from Virginia Minnesota who was the manager of a company called Performance Products. The Ski-Doo factory racing team was to be stationed out of Performance Products that year, and the team needed A race mechanic for the factory race driver Yvon Duhamel. I had gained some notoriety having raced and modified my own Ski-Doo's and Lee asked if I would be interested in working for the Ski-Doo factory race team as Yvon's mechanic. After very little thought, I left Thief River and headed out to Virginia MN to start with the team.

I spent that winter traveling on the factory race circuit and met many friends who are now considered legends in the snowmobile industry. People like Steve Ave, Larry Rugland, Leroy Lindblad, Bob Eastman, Mike Trapp, Jon Holzleitner from Rotax engines, and Yvon Duhamel. And over the years, many people like Phil Mickelson, Steve Thorson, Brian Sturgeon, Larry Coltom, Davy Thompson, Roger Skime and many others who I now consider friends and some of who I work with to this day. After the 75~76 race season with Ski-Doo, I went back to my family's auto dealership to help with the family business.  I continued to race snowmobiles, and in the fall of 1976, I used my 1976 Factory 440 Sno-Pro Ski-Doo I received when I left Bombardier, and built my own independent front suspension oval racing sled as that type of racer was about to become the required technology to be competitive. I raced modified oval track Ski-Doo's until 1981 when other commitments forced me to stop snowmobile racing.

But I continued to study engine design and performance improvements, then in 1988 I accepted a position in the snowmobile aftermarket performance development business. During that time I worked developing snowmobile performance modifications for all brands of snowmobiles. These aftermarket modifications were used by customers who wanted performance improvements in their snowmobiles. My strongest desire came in developing race engine packages for drivers who raced in many types of snowmobile racing. I was fortunate to do this for many world championship winning drivers. I stayed with this company for 7yrs until in 1994, I was again offered, and accepted a job with Ski-Doo in Wausau Wisc. After working with Ski-Doo through most of the winter of 1993~1994, I again got a call from my old friends Brian Espeseth and Tim Berg. They had Donn Eide from Arctic Cat engine development department with them and Arctic was looking for a high performance/race engine development person to work in Engine development at Arctic Cat. After meeting with Donn who I now consider a good friend, we agreed on terms and by Feb. of 1994, I had moved up to Thief River Falls Minn to begin the task of developing the all new 600 triple cylinder engine in hopes of winning the coming winters formula lll world championship at Eagle River Wisc. The following winter, we did win that race which was a first for both Arctic Cat and driver Brian Sturgeon. I have been at Arctic Cat for close to two decades now, and have been in charge of the development of many of the two stroke high performance and race engines used by Arctic in the last 18 yrs, and in 2010 I also accepted the role as group leader for the design of our own 2 stroke engine program here at Arctic Cat. I have been very fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with many of the finest racers in the past 30 plus years .

Snowmobiles have been my passion for close to 50 years now, but my desire to provide the highest quality exact duplicate restoration parts for snowmobiles, is also driven by my love of vintage automobile restoration. My father and I have been collecting cars for over 40 yrs and I have spent many many hours working on the restoration of some of those vintage cars. To me, Vintage automobile restoration is an art, I wanted my restorations to be exactly as they were originally, not just good enough. When I was young, my father told me "if you can't do it right, then don't do it at all". I have always remembered that, and I want to continue that tradition by offering the same quality and detail in our line of restoration parts as I would want in any of my own restorations. While some things are very difficult to reproduce when duplicating parts, such as names, trademarks, machining patterns and so on, we will only offer the products we feel are worthy of show quality restorations and do our very best to duplicate these parts to exacting standards, not only in outward appearance, but also correct duplication of any internal designs. We hope you will consider our products for your vintage snowmobile restoration needs.

Greg Spaulding

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