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SB009 Windshield metal anchor strip. 1966 Olympique all, not Alpine.
Catalog No. SB009


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Exact duplicate metal windshield anchor strip with correct formed ends for all 1966 Olympique models, not Alpine.

NOTE: The 1966 and 1967 metal windshield strip are the same shape and bolt pattern but the formed ends for the chrome windshield molding is different between these two year models.
The 1966 Olympique used a more typical wide windshield chrome trim whereas the 67 Olympique originally used a small diameter chrome trim molding. The 1967 type chrome windshield trim may be difficult to find so you may want to consider using the 66 metal windshield strip on a 1967 Olympique models if you are not using the original style small diameter 1967 Olympique chrome windshield trim.


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