Spaulding Vintage Snowmobile exact duplicate Ski-Doo rubber bogie tires are available in all 4 versions used from 1963 to 1973 and will also fit later bogie wheel model Ski-Doos.  There were 4 versions of the bogie tires used from 1963 to 1973, and all will interchange with one another. But these Spaulding Vintage rubber bogie tires have been reproduced to duplicate each type and year model exactly, right down to the shape, construction, and rubber durometer used originally.  Keep in mind that I’ve seen many Ski-Doo models that had what looked like to be original bogie tires whose part number should not have been installed for that year and model. What I believe is during production at the time, earlier part number bogie tires where sometimes used on later production models to use up older part number bogie tire inventory.  


Here is some information and pricing on the types of Spaulding Vintage Snowmobile Ski-Doo rubber bogie tires I’ve reproduced for1963 to 1973 models.


1963 to 1965 all models original part number SK26B

Smooth flange surface area surrounding bearing, SK26B inscribed in bogie tire.


Spaulding Vintage part number   

SS033     9.00 each

SS519   34.00 set of 4

SS520   96.00 set of 12


1966 to 1968 all models plus 69 12/3,320,370 Olympique. Original part number 570-0203

Smooth flange surface area surrounding bearing, 570-0203 inscribed in bogie tire. Slightly softer durometer than earlier SK26B.


Spaulding Vintage part number   

SS034     9.00 each

SS521   34.00 set of 4

SS522   96.00 set of 12


1969 all except 12/3 320,370 Olympique and TNT 669. 1970 all models except TNT 399,640,775.

Original part number 570-0205

Raised reinforcing tabs on flange surface area surrounding bearing,

570-0205 inscribed in bogie tire. Approximately same durometer as SK26B.


Spaulding Vintage part number   

SS035     9.00 each

SS523   34.00 set of 4

SS524   96.00 set of 12


1969 TNT 669, 1970 TNT 399,640,775, 1971~1973 all except Elan single tire section of bogie frame.

Original part number 570-0206

Wider raised reinforcing tabs on flange surface area surrounding bearing, 570-0206 inscribed in bogie tire. Larger diameter, wider cross section, softer durometer than all others, but has a fiber reinforcing material molded in the center of the tire which increases stiffness even though durometer is lower.


Spaulding Vintage part number   

SS036    10.00 each

SS525   37.00 set of 4

SS526   99.00 set of 12




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