1972 Ski-Doo Blizzard All Models, and 73 Blizzard 650 Aluminum Front Bumper


An Exact duplicate show quality aluminum front bumper used on the all the 1972 Blizzard models, and the 1973 Blizzard 650 model.

Since the engine in the 72 Blizzard models had to be removed in order to remove the drive clutch, many racers simply cut a window in the LH side belly pan and bumper in order to gain quick access to the drive clutch. Now you find many 72 Blizzards and 73 650 Blizzards have a front bumper with a section removed from them. This Spaulding Vintage Front bumper extrusion can replace those cut bumpers and add the finishing touch to your restoration. 

NOTE: The 1973 650 Blizzard used the new Ski-Doo (Polaris) style drive clutch and because of it's thickness compared to the 72 version drive clutch, the drive clutch bolt contacted the inside of the aluminum bumper in that location. Bombardier simply bend that side of the aluminum bumper to clear the drive clutch bolt. NOTE: This will need to be done on this Blizzard bumper also if installing on a 73 650 Blizzard model.








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